Unique Baby Girl Names 2021

Aylin (iy-LEEN) is a female given name of Turkish origin meaning “to belong to the Moon.”

Unique Baby Girl Names 2021

Cariba is a rarely used feminine name of unknown origin and meaning. There is a version that this name is of Arab origin and means “pure”, but it is not proven.

Unique Baby Boy Names 2021

Alistair is the Scottish form of Alexander. Alexander is the Latinized form of the ancient Greek name Alexandros (alexein (meaning “to defend”) + andros (meaning “man, warrior” in the possessive) and so specifically means: “defender of mankind”). Adopted by the lowland Scots by the seventeenth century, the name didn’t become popular outside Scotland and Ireland until the twentieth century.

Unique Baby Girl Names Starting with M

Maeve is a feminine given name of Irish origin meaning “she who intoxicates.”

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